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  • Brain development disorder
  • Pervasive developmental disorder

Autism is a disorder seen in children of less than 3 years. It is a brain development disorder. Social interaction and communication are seen to be affected in this disorder. It is strongly related to genetic factors. Rarely is it associated with agents that cause birth defects. 0.1 to 0.2 percent people are found to be affected by this disorder. About 0.6 percent suffer from autism spectrum disorders. In autism, many parts of the brain are affected but it is not known how it is affected.There is no sickness, emotional disturbance or fragility.The sufferers of autism may range from severe disorder like silent and mentally disabled to the disorder of mild magnitude where patient is active but socially odd with limited interests and verbose.
Parents of the child suffering from autism experience high stress.

Repetitively stacking or lining up objects may indicate autism

Deletion (1), duplication (2) and inversion (3) are all chromosome abnormalities that have been implicated in autism

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